MABOR offers comprehensive performance of design and build projects. Our work include earth works and masonry works, excavations, foundations, insulations, thermal insulation, facades, roofs, floors, chimneys, as well as all types of systems: electrical, hydraulic, heating, sewer, and gas.


Our general construction services include construction of:

  • public buildings,
  • residential buildings,
  • office buildings,
  • single-family houses,
  • utility buildings,
  • and hotels.


Besides comprehensive performance of design and build projects, we also perform repairs and modification of buildings for various purposes. This scope of our services includes:

  • comprehensive finishing works (ceilings, floors, walls, joinery),
  • heating and thermal insulation of buildings,
  • roofing works,
  • green roofs,
  • patios,
  • stairs,
  • garages,
  • drainage (including line drainage),
  • all types of systems,
  • thermal and noise insulation,
  • adaptation of premises for use by handicapped persons,
  • and drying of apartments and houses.


We also offer special services to housing associations, with individual pricing for each customer.