We offer comprehensive services related to construction of industrial buildings. Our experience and knowledge gained, among others, in the course of our work with mines, enable us to perform even the most demanding projects. Our services related to industrial buildings include construction of:


  • industrial buildings,
  • warehouses,
  • and mine complexes.

We build not only industrial buildings and warehouses ordered by investors, but also ones to be sold or leased. Our buildings perfectly meet the needs of our potential Customers and all safety standards. We are experts both in masonry structures (built in technologies based on bricks, autoclaved aerated concrete blocks, and silicate blocks), as well as in wooden and steel structures.


As a part of performance of construction projects, depending on their purpose, we make the following structures:

  • classic reinforced concrete structures,
  • prestressed structures,
  • steel structures,
  • composite structures.

In addition to comprehensive construction of new buildings, we also provide construction services related to reconstruction and expansion of existing industrial buildings.