Working continuously for two generations

MABOR is a construction company with family traditions whose experience is being gathered for two generations. Our brand has been present in the market since 2011, but the company is based on ZBBC company, established in 1991 by the father of the current owner. In more than 20 years of operation in Lower Silesia, we have performed many prestigious contracts that have allowed us to gain respect and trust of our Customers. The knowledge and skills handed over by the successive generations have resulted in the high standing of our company in the construction services market and its perception among customers as a reliable and professional business partner. Over the years, we have successfully completed both small projects and a number of large projects and we have successfully competed with other companies in the sector on important tender procedures.

Broad range of comprehensive services

We offer comprehensive services: from design, through advice concerning optimized solutions, to construction including supervision. Our competences include general construction, construction of industrial buildings and recreational buildings, including comprehensive land development, as well as preparation of cost estimates for different purposes. We have all the legally required licences and permits. We offer our customers flexible contract terms and provide a three-year warranty for our works.

Expert staff and professional technical facilities

Our excellent knowledge of the construction services market and our focus on innovative solutions make us a modern and solid contractor. Our professionalism and our extensive experience enable us to precisely plan each stage of the construction process, which translates into accurate and timely performance of works. The highest quality of our services is possible thanks to our experience site managers, engineers, and specialists who, in some cases, have worked for us for over 20 years. We perform all projects using our own modern tools and equipment. We also have our own joinery shop, steelwork shop, and lathes. Our professional facilities give us the freedom of action and the possibility to implement non-standard solutions, as well as reduce our costs.

A socially responsible company

MABOR is a socially responsible company; therefore, all our professionals have full employment contracts, which results in greater flexibility in our relations with our Customers. Our stable and strong team is appreciated by renowned manufacturers and developers who have given us their trust.