This legal note constitutes a legal regulation concerning the use of websites of Mabor.

  1. A website at contains information that is legally reserved, exclusive property of Mabor and partner companies. Mabor invests money, time and effort in development of the website and information presented there. Such ownership contains, but is not limited only to copyrights, trademarks and information about the technology of Mabor and its partners. They are provided in the form of text, graphics, video and audio files for downloading as well as links/references.
  2. Please do not rely only on the information included on this website at the time of making decisions about purchase of a product. Please note that information contained on this website may be incomplete and quite general, as they are only informative rather than legally binding. Therefore, they are not a commercial offer of Mabor, pursuant to regulations of the Civil Code. Information concerning the possibility to apply a specific product can be obtained by contacting our technologist after prior sending detailed description of installation (device), in which our product will be installed.
  3. Mabor updates information included on the website on a current basis, however, it does not bear responsibility for accuracy, validity and completeness of information presented on site pages. At the same time, the company reserves the right to introduce changes in the whole or part of the site without prior notification. Risk related to the use of information presented on the website will be borne by the user themselves. In no event will Mabor bear any responsibility under made damages being a result of use of this website.
  4. In spite of the fact that you can freely download information from this site and directly related websites, Mabor keeps all rights to trademarks and copyright to any texts and graphics. All rights not described in these reservations are directly reserved. You don't have the right to reproduce, send, modify it in any way, unless for your personal private use. Copying, saving on any carriers in full or in part of this site and then making information available to the public by means of any means of communication known to technology is prohibited

Cookies policy


When browsing this site or any external site to which an appropriate link leads, on the disk of the user's computer, it is possible to save some information in the form of cookie files.

Cookies are small text files (txt.) sent by the web server and saved on the part of the user most often on the hard disk. Cookies contain various information on the user of a particular website and the history of its communication with the site. Parameters of cookies enable reading information they contain only to the server that has created them. Cookies usually contain the domain name of the website they come from, the time of storing them on the end device and the unique number. Cookies are used most often in the case of counters, surveys, web stores, sites requiring logging in, advertisements and to monitor the activity of visitors. We do not have the possibility to associate these data with specific people browsing the websites, but only with the computer with Internet connection, where cookies have been saved (IP address is used for it).

The information included in cookie files is used in particular to monitor the behaviour a user on our website (statistical data collection). We also use cookie files of the session, which enable saving data entered to the contact forms and to enable the user to select the language version when browsing and searching information on our web site. Cookie files of the session are stored on the disk of the user's computer for a longer period, but are removed at the time of closing the web browser.

The user can change the settings of his/her browser in such a way so that the cookie files were not saved on its disk or informed about their placement every time or were automatically removed in a given period. By default, the software of web browsers enables storage of cookie files in the end device of the user. Detailed information on possibilities and methods of service of cookie files are available in software settings of the web browser and in the Help section of every browser. Not making a change the settings with regard to cookies means that they will be placed in the end device of the user, and hence we will store information in the end device of the user and obtain access to this information.