MABOR builds and upgrades various types of recreational buildings and provides comprehensive land development and revitalization services. Our services include construction of:

  • gardens, parks, and green areas,
  • playgrounds,
  • sports fields and open-air weight lifting rooms,
  • promenades,
  • parking lots,
  • fences and development of land surrounding office buildings, residential houses, and subdivisions. 

We build both concrete and natural stone (e.g. granite) paved surfaces. In such places as playgrounds we make special safe surfaces. We work with Monolith, the largest Polish manufacturer and maker of climbing walls, Tetrum, manufacturer and maker of sport surfaces, as well as with Playtime, a well-known and appreciated maker of outdoor toys.

When we develop land, we not only perform all the associated works but we also (upon the customer’s request) maintain the vegetation and perform surface maintenance works.